Naturopathic Health Support – Quick Check Up

Naturopathic Health Support

Quick Check Up

Are you struggling to get a primary care appointment during these strange times?

Do you just want:

  • A quick confidence check
  • A few measurements to see if things are in good working order
  • A quick chat with a friendly professional to discuss any concerns
  • A quick review of your diet and exercise habits to see where we can make some improvements
  • Peace of mind that any red flags will be referred on to an expert

All this is currently on offer from your friendly local Naturopath in Whitchurch Road.

A full 30 minute consultation reduced to just £42.00 pounds until the end of April 2021.

Warmest Regards,

Mike O'Donoghue ND (DipCNM)
Supporting your health and fitness - naturally!
01443 440299

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