Phlebotomy Mentoring Programme

Rookie Phlebotomists’ Mentoring Programme

This is a two part programme with the option of ongoing support.

Part One – Shadowing

This is the morning session of the Bristol Blood Clinic. The rookies will be able shadow Mike with real clients, obverse and take a supporting role in the process. A centrifuge procedure will be included.


Part Two – Practice and Business Development Skills

Practice. This part of the workshop will be done after lunch and will consist of the rookies practising on volunteers under Mike’s supervision. You will be required to arrange a volunteer. I can help you with this, but it will be your responsibility. There may be other students in college that day to persuade.

Business Development. This will be a theoretical workshop that will include:

  • Equipment requirements and supply options
  • Insurance considerations
  • Waste Management
  • Policy writing; H&S, First Aid, Needle Stick, Bio-Hazard Spill
  • How to apply for clients
  • Advertising tips
  • First Aid scenarios – including role play
  • Ongoing support options


Clinics are held at CNM Bristol.


The next confirmed date is Tuesday the 27th of Feb 24

Future Dates

If you’re not ready yet, maybe put these dates in your diary for the next few months:

  • Tuesday the 26th of March
  • Monday the 29th of Apr

Provisional dates for the next quarter will be announced in due course.

Hours are flexible, but plan on about 10 am to 6pm.


  • You must be qualified
  • You must have adequate insurance
  • You will need a volunteer to practice on – or a real client that you arrange
  • You should have started to acquire your equipment – I have a few spares but please don’t depend on this


Part One One Half Day £150.00

Parts One and Two One Whole Day £250.00

Continuation Training:

Facebook and email support FOC

An Additional 2nd Day £100

An Additional 3rd Day £50

Any further days £50 ea

Miscellaneous If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Mike O'Donoghue (DipNAT, DipNUT)
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