Excellent sports massage with Mike today - he's able to provide a great value sports massage without losing the high quality and targeted treatment one desires with a sports massage, whilst also giving tips on specific stretches for maintenance. I certainly will recommend to others and be back myself!

Liv, London

Mike is too modest - he should call himself 'The Hormone Expert' His expertise has helped get me through menopause in one piece. But no less impressively, he helped my husband handle the issues of middle age by supporting his testosterone levels. I had thought that Natural Therapies were less technical, but I was wrong, this is very scientific - and it works!

Tina, south Wales

Been to Mike a couple of times and really knows his stuff. Good after care as well.

LD, Cardiff

I love thew way Mike tailors his treatments towards those of us with psychological and emotional imbalances. he knows how to treat more than just the physical realm.

Nina, Rhondda

Mike, changed my life. I don't have migraines or dizziness anymore.

Beatriz, RCTCBC