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Phlebotomy Services Update July 2022

Hello Everybody,

Just a quick update on blood draw clinics Cardiff and Bristol areas with effect from July 2022.   

Clinic appointments are available in Cardiff almost every Wednesday and Friday.

With effect from August 2022, this will be extended to Thursdays.

Blood draw clinics are available in Bristol one day a month, usually a Monday or a Tuesday.

Phlebotomy Mentoring services happen in Bristol concurrently with the blood draw days. See more here

Monday blood draw clinics will be added in Cardiff on a monthly basis as required.  Please ask for details.

Centrifuging is available at all locations as required. 

For my fellow practitioners and laboratories;

please feel free to ask your clients to contact me directly, or get in touch yourself if you have any questions. 

December News and Offers

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Are You Stretching Properly?

Chances are whatever sport or fitness activity you prefer, your legs get plenty of use and abuse.  I find in the clinic that most of use tend to be a little tight and sore in the quads.

So I thought I’d go through a few of the finer points of stretching them out after a work out.  In fact, I’ve cheated and given you a link to a very well-informed video I found.

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Christmas Is Coming – Gift Ideas!

Don’t forget about our Gift Vouchers.  You can buy any quantity you want and we can send then electronically if you prefer. See our prices page for ideas.

Special Offers.

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