Phlebotomy Clinics In Bristol

Hello Everybody,

Just a quick update on monthly blood draw clinics in Bradley Stoke, Bristol. 

The next confirmed date is Tuesday the 23rd of August 2022.  There is plenty of availability at this time.

Further clinics will be run on a monthly basis including:

    • Tuesday the 27th of September
    • Tuesday the 25th of October  

Provisional dates for November, December and January will be announced before the end of October


Centrifuging is available if required. 

The Rookie Phlebotomists Mentoring Programme is also going to be available on on each of these days. Please let me know if anyone would like further details. 

For this, and other general phlebotomy queries, please take a look at All we bleed is blood - NT phlebotomists on Facebook

Please feel free to ask your clients to contact me directly, or get in touch yourself if you have any questions. 

Warmest Regards,

Mike O'Donoghue ND (DipCNM)
Supporting your health and fitness - naturally!
02920 911038